Structural Timbers Trusses

Transforming Spaces with Strength and Beauty

Transform your space with the elegance and functionality of custom timber trusses. We design and build magnificent trusses for a wide range of commercial and residential projects, from soaring stadiums and bustling schools to welcoming visitor centers and cozy timber frame homes.

Strength & Stability

Engineered for lasting performance, these trusses provide exceptional support for expansive spaces.

Expert Design

Our team meticulously crafts each truss to perfectly integrate with your project's architecture and needs.

Indoor or Outdoor

Building with mass timber? We offer massive timber trusses and components to bring your vision to life.

Peace of Mind

All trusses come complete with engineer-stamped drawings, ensuring structural integrity and compliance.

Imagine your dream space taking shape. We at Structural Timber Products transform your initial concepts into a flawless reality, handling every step of the timber truss process.

STP Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our team of specialists collaborates closely with you, translating your ideas into:

  1. Conceptualized Designs: We begin by capturing your vision, whether it's a basic sketch or a detailed architectural plan.
  2. Technical Blueprints: Our engineers then meticulously craft stamped drawings, ensuring structural integrity and compliance with building regulations.
  3. Skilled Manufacturing: In our workshop, experienced professionals meticulously fabricate your trusses using top-quality materials.
  4. Seamless Delivery: We handle nationwide logistics, ensuring your trusses arrive on-site with all necessary permits and documentation.
  5. Expert Installation: Our team can seamlessly integrate with your construction crew for a smooth and efficient installation process.

We offer complete flexibility, allowing you to choose the services that best suit your project's needs. With Structural Timber Products, your vision for a remarkable finished product becomes a stress-free journey.

Imagine the lasting impact your space will have. Structural Timber Products crafts trusses that inspire awe in every generation. Witness the enduring elegance and unwavering support that define our historic-quality timberwork.

Ready to build your legacy?

Whether you're crafting a dream home, collaborating with builders, or shaping architectural landscapes, we seamlessly integrate into your truss project. Our expertise bridges the gap between technical needs and artistic aspirations. Explore our extensive range of pre-designed options or work with our consultants to achieve your unique vision, all while adhering to budgetary constraints.

Design Options for Everyone

some common timber truss designs
Some Common Timber Trusses Designs

Ready to build your legacy?

We offer customization options to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your trusses. From the inherent beauty of natural wood finish to a aged look, hand-crafted look, we can tailor the finish to seamlessly blend with your vision.

Wood Finish Options

Embrace Sustainable Style: Incorporate the timeless beauty of reclaimed wood into your trusses. (Contact us to discuss availability)

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