Offers a comprehensive selection of fire retardant lumber and plywood. We can fulfill orders in various quantities, from individual pieces to bundled packages for larger projects.

Ensure code compliance and superior fire protection with our extensive selection of fire retardant lumber and plywood products.

Timber frame detailing
  • Dry Interior Protection: Ideal for applications like roof trusses, walls, and beams (behind the exterior wall envelope).
  • Extensive Product Range: We carry Pyro-Guard® lumber, plywood, timbers, poles, and trusses for comprehensive interior fire safety.
  • Proven Performance: Meets all building code flame spread requirements (25 or less) as tested by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL).

Weather-Resistant Protection

Withstands harsh elements while providing tested fire protection.

Versatile Uses

Suitable for decks, balconies, siding, and other exposed structures.


Each piece bears the UL Classification mark, ensuring code compliance.

Important Distinction: Exterior Fire-X® is pressure-impregnated for lasting protection, unlike surface coatings with limited effectiveness.

Ready to build your legacy?

We offer a unique capability to produce fire retardant timbers, trusses, poles, and more using Pyro-Guard® or Exterior Fire-X®.

Customizable Timber Trusses

We manufacture trusses up to 100 feet with fire retardant components upon request.

Exposed Beams & Poles

Enhance your space with fire-resistant beams and poles for both interior and exterior applications.

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Can fire retardant lumber get wet?

Interior-rated lumber should stay dry. We also offer exterior-rated options for wet environments.

Can I work with fire retardant wood normally?

Yes, you can cut and drill it like regular wood.

Can I work with fire retardant wood normally?

Yes, you can cut and drill it like regular wood.

What fasteners are recommended?

For interior use, galvanized fasteners are preferred.

For exterior use, choose hot-dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel, silicon bronze, or copper fasteners.

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We also offer FSC® certified lumber to meet green building standards.