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Dedicated solely to crafting exceptional timber components, from intricate details to large-scale structures. That's what we offer - a team of experts with the skills and equipment to take your vision and turn it into reality.

Unmatched Capabilities & Customization

We don't limit ourselves to pre-made options. Based on your plans, sketches, or even just a concept, we can design and manufacture a wide range of timber products for commercial, industrial, and even residential projects.

Our extensive experience allows us to create anything from elegant fireplace mantels to massive bridges, ensuring every piece meets your exact specifications and surpasses expectations.

  • Structural components: Timber trusses, pilings, bulkheads, corbels, pipe supports, wooden arches, bridges, etc.
  • Functional elements: Transport skids, crane mats, timbers, boards, and more.
  • Custom creations: Ranch gates, wood mantels, obstacle course structures, zoo elements, and unique pieces based on your needs.

Our team of project consultants will seamlessly translate plans into exceptional finished products. Our saws can cut timbers and poles up to 60 feet long, allowing for precise cuts of any angle, chamfer, or shape.

Whether you have a small detail or a large-scale project, we're equipped to handle them all. We pride ourselves on tackling complex manufacturing challenges and delivering solutions that stay on schedule and within budget.

Ready to build your legacy?

Our expertise extends beyond traditional wood. We offer a long-lasting, poly-coated wood solution ideal for coastal environments and projects exposed to harsh elements like saltwater and oil. This coating effectively protects both wood and steel, ensuring the longevity of your structures.

Ready to build your legacy?

With our ever-expanding capabilities and commitment to providing everything you need, we're your one-stop shop for successful timber projects. From concept to completion, we're here to turn your vision into a reality.

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