Bulkhead Materials

✓Complete building materials for long-lasting bulkheads (both wood and vinyl)
✓All required hardware for a ready-to-build package

Choosing the right material for your waterfront wall can be tricky. Here's a breakdown of vinyl and wood bulkheads to help you decide:

    Vinyl wins due to its exceptional lifespan (over 50 years) with minimal replacements needed. Wood requires more frequent repairs and replacements, driving up the overall cost.
    Wood bulkheads are cheaper initially.
    Highly resistant to rot, insect damage, and harsh weather conditions.
    Susceptible to rot, insect infestation, and requires regular maintenance (re-treating) to maintain lifespan. 
    Low maintenance. Requires occasional cleaning.
    High maintenance. Needs regular inspections, re-treating, and potential component replacements.
     Generally easier to install due to lightweight materials and interlocking components.
    Installation can be more complex and labor-intensive due to heavier materials.
    Available in various colors for a customized look.
    Offers a classic, natural aesthetic that complements some waterfront properties.
    Environmental Impact
    Can be recycled at the end of its lifespan, but initial manufacturing may have a higher environmental footprint.
    Requires treated lumber, which can contain chemicals harmful to the environment. Sustainable wood options may be available but might be more expensive.
    • Vinyl Sheet Pilings
    • Backboard or Back Wale
    • Wale
    • Top Cap (optional)
    • Tie Rods or Tie Back Cable
    • Deadmen (mostly a 5″ Post, 4-8 feet long)
    • Pilings (in some designs)
    • Hardware – Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws/Nails
    • Round or Square Pilings
    • Wale
    • Center Match (special tongue and groove)
    • Filter Cloth (Geotextile)
    • Top Cap (optional)
    • Tie Rods
    • Deadmen
    • Hardware – Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws/Nails

    ✓Complete package with all bulkhead materials and hardware for easy assembly

    ✓Daily deliveries available