Building Strong and Safe: A Look at Essential Building Material Solutions

Structural Timber Products understands the importance of high-quality wood in construction. But a strong building is more than just its skeleton. To create truly secure and functional structures, a comprehensive range of building material solutions is essential. This article explores the world beyond wood, delving into the crucial fasteners, connectors, fireproofing materials, and more that contribute to a well-built and long-lasting project.

roof construction of big wooden trusses closeup

Fasteners: The Invisible Backbone

Imagine a building without fasteners. Walls would crumble, floors would sag, and the entire structure would be compromised. Fasteners are the unsung heroes of construction, holding everything together from framing to finishes. At Structural Timber Products, we offer a variety of fastener solutions to suit your specific needs:

  • Nails: Common, ring-shank, and screw nails provide strong connections for various framing applications.
  • Screws: From structural wood screws to drywall screws, different screw types offer superior holding power and ease of use compared to nails.
  • Lag Screws: Designed for heavy-duty applications like beams and posts, lag screws ensure maximum strength.
  • Anchors: When connecting wood to concrete or masonry, anchors provide a secure and reliable hold.


Connectors: The Art of Joining

While fasteners bind individual pieces, connectors tackle more complex connections. Selecting the right connector type ensures a strong, efficient, and structurally sound result. Structural Timber Products offers a range of connectors to address various building needs:

  • Metal Connector Plates: These prefabricated plates reinforce specific joints, like beams to columns or trusses to walls.
  • Joist Hangers: Designed to securely connect floor joists to beams, joist hangers ensure proper load distribution.
  • Post Bases: These provide a stable foundation for posts, transferring weight effectively to the supporting structure.
  • Timber Bolts: Ideal for heavy-duty connections, timber bolts offer superior strength and are often used in conjunction with metal connector plates.

Fireproofing: Safety Comes First

Building safety is paramount. Fireproofing materials are essential for slowing the spread of fire and protecting structural elements. Structural Timber Products carries a range of fireproofing solutions for wood construction:

  • Fire-retardant treated wood: This pressure-treated lumber comes with built-in fire resistance, making it ideal for applications like wall framing and interior finishes.
  • Fire-resistant coatings: Sprayed or brushed onto wood surfaces, these coatings create a fire barrier that delays ignition and flame spread.
  • Gywpsum board: A common fireproofing material, gypsum board is often used in wall and ceiling assemblies to create fire-resistant barriers.

Building Envelope Materials: Keeping the Elements at Bay

A building's envelope is its protective shell, shielding the interior from weather, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. Structural Timber Products offers various building envelope materials to complete your project:

  • Housewrap: This water-resistant barrier protects walls from wind-driven rain and helps maintain air infiltration control.
  • Roofing underlayment: Installed beneath the final roofing material, underlayment provides additional water protection and improves roof performance.
  • Flashing: Used around windows, doors, and other penetrations in the building envelope, flashing prevents water intrusion at critical points.

Beyond the Essentials: Additional Building Material Solutions

Structural Timber Products goes beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive selection of additional building materials:

  • Insulation: Proper insulation is crucial for energy efficiency and occupant comfort. We offer various insulation products, including fiberglass, rockwool, and spray foam.
  • Sealants and Adhesives: From caulking gaps around windows to adhering building components, sealants and adhesives ensure a weather-tight and secure structure.
  • Concrete and Masonry Products: For projects incorporating concrete or masonry elements, we offer a range of related materials like concrete mix, pavers, and blocks.

Building with Hidden Strength: Concealed Fasteners for Timber Trusses

For projects seeking a clean aesthetic, Structural Timber Products offers solutions for hidden fasteners in timber trusses. These specialized techniques create strong connections without visible hardware on the finished product. Here are some examples:

  • Knife Plates: These concealed steel plates are inserted into pre-cut slots within the timber members. Bolts are then driven through the plates and wood for a secure connection hidden from view.
  • Ring Shank Nails: When strategically placed, ring shank nails can provide sufficient holding power for certain applications while maintaining a smooth, fastener-free surface.


It's important to note that using hidden fasteners in trusses may require additional engineering considerations and expertise. Our team at Structural Timber Products can help you determine if concealed fasteners are suitable for your specific project and advise on the best techniques for implementation.

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